Volume 9 Issue 1


In this issue:


- The Benefits of Thermal Desorption Coupled with Gas Chromatography for the Analysis of Hydrocarbon Residues in Liquefied Petroleum Gas
- Adding more Power to your GC-MS Analysis through Deconvolution
- Sample Preparation Options for Aroma Analysis
- Mixing Water and Gas: The Quantitative Measurement of Water by Gas Chromatography Using Ionic Liquid Capillary Columns
- Miniaturisation in GC Laboratories - the Holistic Picture


- Improving Quantification of Protein Therapeutics by Standardising the Sample Preparation Approach to LC-MS/MS Analysis: High-sensitivity Bioanalysis of Infliximab, and Total Antibody Quantification of the Antibody-drug Conjugate Trastuzumab Emtansine
- Review of Microsampling Techniques in Bioanalysis
- Navigating the Vast Array of Sample Preparation Techniques for Biological Samples – Whole Blood
- Using Micro-Elution SPE to Accelerate Sample Preparation for the Determination of Cannabis Use

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Chromatography Today - June 2018

June 2018

In This Edition Articles - Enhanced Sample Preparation - Identifying Inherent Contamination in Deep Well Microplates - How to Determine Extra Column Dispersion and Extra Column Volume - Th...

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