• New automated solid phase extraction instrument

Solid Phase Extraction (SPE)

New automated solid phase extraction instrument

Oct 15 2009

The new AutoTrace 280 system from Dionex (USA) is an automated solid phase extraction (SPE) instrument designed to be used with large volume (20mL - 4 L) samples for the isolation of trace organics in water or aqueousmatrices. The instrument traps compounds of interest on SPE adsorbents (in cartridge or disk format) and then elutes them with strong solvents to generate an analysis-ready extract thus saving time, solvent, and labor, and ensuring high reproducibility for analytical laboratories. The instrument can process up to 6 samples in 2-3 h with only 15 min of operator involvement. Powerful pumps (no check valves) and a proven, positive pressure technology efficiently process even the most difficult samples.

The AutoTrace 280 instrument features a new multiple port-switching valve, improved electronics, and a USB port for connecting to a PC. Up to 24 methods can be stored in the instrument and each method can be uploaded from the front panel using the software which includes a new feature for method editing. Current analytical methods that could require SPE sample preparation include GC, GC-MS, LC, and LC-MS.

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