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Solid Phase Extraction (SPE)

Find your Application on Our Chromatography Resource Center

Jul 28 2011

Benefit from Our Experience.

Finding information on how to resource and run new chromatography applications can often be a daunting task. Thermo Fisher Scientific has a wealth of technical and experimental experience for you to explore. The comprehensive Chromatography Resource Center (CRC) is a reference guide to meet all your separation needs.

What’s New and What’s Hot?

Our experts present their work and research at conferences year round. The CRC contains access to data which is presented at these leading scientific meetings, and is constantly updated to keep you abreast of our high quality science.

In addition to this, the videos and animations, which are available to watch on the Chromatography Videos YouTube channel, highlight and explain the technology behind many of the new products and services available from Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Browse the Library

With expertise and experience in liquid chromatography (LC), gas chromatography (GC) and solid phase extraction (SPE) techniques and method development, our technical experts have compiled an extensivelibrary of application notes, many of which detail methods which comply with the official, regulatory guidelines. For ease of referencing there are a number of published articles, authored by our in-house technical team, available for download to your desktop.

Calculate the Change

Calculating the parameters to allow a chromatography method to incorporate new column geometries and particle sizes, allowing for faster separations, with better resolution and sensitivity, is a complex process. To enable a rapid and smooth method transfer and development, the CRC provides you with the HPLC method development calculator, to allow successful transfer of chromatographic methodologies.


Problems with peak shape, flow pressures in both LC and GC instruments, lack of selectivity, reduction in sensitivity and variations in retention time are all common when developing new methods, or even when using well established techniques. The CRC offers a troubleshooting guide, categorizing the frequently experienced problems with LC, GC and SPE and detailing the common causes and solutions. This invaluable tool will minimize your time spent problem solving.

Reading More

Obtaining literature and standard protocols relating to specific applications can sometimes be difficult. The Chromatography Resource Center contains a handy reference tool for selecting published materials and standard methods provided by worldwide regulatory bodies.

Visit the Chromatography Resource Center today and see how we can help you!

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