• HT4000E: automated SPE-LC autosampler

Solid Phase Extraction (SPE)

HT4000E: automated SPE-LC autosampler

May 08 2015

HTA has just introduced HT4000E, the new HTA automated SPE-LC autosampler that combines both SPE automation and HPLC autosampler capability in a single unit.

HT4000E takes care of sample purification through SPE - Solid Phase Extraction – proceeding up to the collection of eluted sample in vials (offline mode) or proceeding further up to the direct injection into the HPLC or LC-MS analyser (online mode).

HT4000E can fully automate all the SPE steps (including cartridge conditioning and activation, sample loading, cartridge washing, analyte elution and cartridge drying). All these phases require precise volumes, flow rates, timing and more that are not easy to achieve manually. Therefore, automating SPE improves reproducibility and accuracy, reduces the costs and delays associated with re-runs and increases the overall throughput by running samples 24/7.

The workstation is based on Constant Flow Technology. The constant flow technology eliminates the SPE cartridge lot-to-lot reproducibility issue that is typical of systems based on constant pressure technology. Thanks to Constant Flow Technology, washing and elution are performed at a constant flow (no vacuum or gas pressure required), ensuring constant elution times for all the analyzed samples.

HT4000E occupies less than 40cm of linear bench space, but it is able to provide automation up to 32 samples; for each sample the purification volume can be as large as 50ml. It is also possible to ask for custom configuration for using Special kind of cartridges or vial to fit any application and lab workflow.

HTAPREP – lab automation software- controls HT4000E: it gets users up to speed quickly and allows to start running samples immediately. The software supplied uses an intuitive powerful drag and drop interface to allow the unit to control every individual aspect of the SPE process. HTAPREP enables to optimise parameters for every specific application(s) and it is an incommensurable support during method development, allowing to obtain the highest analyte recovery.

HT4000E can also work as a standard HPLC autosampler and can also support dilutions and derivatization, answering the most common needs of HPLC sample preparation. But HT4000E represents a more complete alternative to the traditional HPLC autosampler, because it also includes the SPE functionality for only a little  investment.

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