• Innovative tools to isolate and enrich molecules in micro-sample preparation

Solid Phase Extraction (SPE)

Innovative tools to isolate and enrich molecules in micro-sample preparation

Jul 28 2010

Glygen Corporation develops innovative tools to isolate and enrich molecules in micro-sample preparation. The company specializes in embedding an extensive array of different chromatography material (more than 50 varieties, including C18, Hypercarb, TiO2, ZrO2, Ion Exchangers) into “micro-solid-phase-extraction” tools. Glygen is backed by 200+ publications confirming that its technology is one of the fastest, most reproducible, sensitive, and specific methods to purify low-concentration molecules.

Glygen’s flagship products are NuTip and TopTip.

The patented NuTip is Glygen’s revolutionary new SPE cartridge in which chromatography material is embedded in the inner surface of a pipette tip. The sample is drawn into and out of the NuTip (using a standard micropipette), and the targeted molecule binds to the embedded complementary chromatography material, for later release and elution. The unique NuTip design maximizes the surface area in contact with the sample for better binding, and Glygen’s proprietary embedding technology improves reproducibility due to lack of non-specific binding and backpressure, since it does not use any polymers or glue to hold its chromatography media. NuTip is also compatible with automatic liquid handling machines.

TopTip, which is Glygen’s patented micro-spin column for sample purification, is a uniquely modified tip that contains loose chromatography material and a 1-2 µm slit at the bottom. The sample is top-loaded into the TopTip, and is drawn through the chromatography material by spinning in a centrifuge; the fine slit permits liquid to pass through but retains chromatographic material.

Glygen is the world leader in phosphopeptide purification tools, with recent NIH research (Gates, et al, "Comparison of Metal and Metal Oxide Media for Phosphopeptide Enrichment Prior to Mass Spectrometric Analyses," JASMS June 2010) indicating that TiO2 NuTips “resulted in the reproducible observation of a greater number of unique sites of phosphorylation with the least amount of nonspecific binding… dramatically improv[ing] detection and sequencing of phosphopeptides..." Glygen’s phosphopeptide-focused product line includes NuTip and TopTip phosphopeptide kits (which have TiO2, ZrO2, and TiO2/ZrO2 mix), the Shake-and-Spin Centrifuge (whose shaking motion has been shown to dramatically enhance phosphopeptide binding and recovery).

Additionally, Glygen have recently introduced CrashPlates with TiO2/ZrO2 mixed media to enhance small molecule research (enabling easy removal of phospholipids and proteins from the sample).

In addition to these inventions, Glygen recently unveiled its new Online Wizard that helps scientists determine which media and tools to use by answering 5 simple questions about their sample. In addition simple how-to videos detailing its technologies are available on the new e-commerce site, www.glysci.com

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