• Discover Hydranal, the Original and Innovative Karl Fischer Reagents for Water Determination


Discover Hydranal, the Original and Innovative Karl Fischer Reagents for Water Determination

Oct 26 2016

Water content can affect product quality, texture, shelf life, chemical stability, and reactivity. Karl Fischer titration is a universally accepted method for measuring water content in all types of substances, including chemicals, oils, pharmaceuticals, and food.

The Karl Fischer technique for water determination, invented in 1935 by Karl Fischer, is a titration based on the Bunsen reaction. In 1979, researcher Dr. Eugen Scholz improved Karl Fischer titration by replacing noxious pyridine with imidazole and postulated the reaction mechanism new as a two-step reaction. This innovation became the foundation of Hydranal™, the world’s leading pyridine-free reagents for Karl Fischer titration.

From Dr. E. Scholz’s pioneering research to the ongoing product improvements of today, Honeywell Fluka™ offers the Hydranal™ reagents product line for pyridine-free water determination by Karl Fischer titration which is comprised of one- and two-component volumetric and coulometric Karl Fischer reagents for most any type of samples. In addition, this product line is completed by a broad range of water standards for titer standardisation and instrument inspection, pH buffering reagents, special reagents for aldehydes, ketones, and other solubilising agents. With the dual ISO accreditation in 2014 (ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO Guide 34), Hydranal has introduced the Certified Reference Materials (CRM) Water Standards to the portfolio along with the new improved 0.1 PC Water Standard, which offers higher stability than the already existing 0.1 Water Standard.

Hydranal reagents and water standards are and have always been developed and produced in
Honeywell’s plant in Seelze, Germany.

Advantages of Hydranal Reagents:

  • High titration speed
  • Stable end points
  • Accurate results
  • Long shelf life
  • Wide applicability
  • World leading technical support.

The Hydranal product line is backed by a team of strong technical expertise to support and enable you to optimise your Karl Fischer titration or application methods. Please do not hesitate to contact us for application or product related questions or click here to download the latest product overview guide.

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