• Experts Discuss What's New in the World of Microscale Separations and Bioanalysis


Experts Discuss What's New in the World of Microscale Separations and Bioanalysis

Jul 06 2021

Join us virtually from anywhere in the world and learn about solutions to the most pressing challenges of today and tomorrow. MSB 2021 is an exciting annual forum that promotes the sharing of innovative research by scientists from around the world, and offers practical and educational information and solutions to challenging and pressing issues.  

Don’t miss four full days packed with strong scientific content, engaging scientific sessions, an impressive program of presentations by world-renowned scientists who will share the latest innovative and sometimes controversial, but mostly unpublished, scientific research in areas related to all major microscale separation techniques, from fundamental developments to applications that impact health, medicine, food, environment and beyond. Talks are time wise split into 2/3 talk and 1/3 discussion. The educational program comprises 125+ oral presentations, tutorial, seminars, exhibition, strong poster pitch program, young scientist and best poster competitions, and awards to recognise outstanding contributions to science and innovative break-through research. The conference is held under the auspices of the Society for Microscale Separations and Bioanalysis. 

Microscale separations enable high-throughput and/or high-performance analyses at reduced costs and with a lower sample and solvents consumption, being therefore highly competitive analytical approaches in today's research, including fundamental research, drug discovery and development, clinical and forensic toxicology, food analysis, and -omics approaches. 

Get real-world insights from thought leaders and future shapers on today's most relevant and timely topics. 

This year’s program covers the most interesting developments from the past year, plus advances that we believe will make a splash in the years to come. Experts will discuss major microscale separation techniques including capillary electrophoresis, liquid chromatography, omics techniques (proteomics, metabolomics, etc.), microfluidics, mass spectrometry, LC-MS, CE-MS, Lab-on-a-Chip devices, the fundamental aspects of micro- and nanofluidics, microchip fabrication, portable devices, as well as applications related to pharmaceutical sciences, biotechnology, clinical diagnostics, forensic toxicology, food analysis, nanoparticles, industrial chemicals, and more.   

Plenary Lecturers 

  • "Electrophoretic Cytometry: Single-cell and Sub-cellular Targeted Proteomics using Microfluidic Design" Amy Herr, University of California, Berkeley 
  • "Organoids Microphysiological Analysis Platforms (MAP) and Exosome Detection via the Ultrafast-isolation System (EXODUS)" Luke Lee, Harvard Medical School and Women's Hospital 
  • "Robust and In-depth Work Flows for Single Cell and Clinical Proteomics" Matthias Mann, Max-Planck-Institute of Biochemistry, and University of Copenhagen 
  • "Microfluidic Sorting of Extremely Rare Circulating Tumor Cells and Clusters from Blood" Mehmet Toner, Massachusetts General Hospital & Harvard Medical School, Harvard-MIT Health Sciences & Technology 
  • "Toward Universal Druggability" Gregory Verdine, LifeMine Therapeutics 
  • "Advances in Proteomics" John Yates, The Scripps Research Institute 

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