• Now available: Your Complete Screening Set-up with YMC-Triart Prep
    Practical example: Purification of different peptides using all available YMC-Triart Prep phases
  • Your Complete Screening Set-up with YMC-Triart Prep

Liquid Chromatography

Now available: Your Complete Screening Set-up with YMC-Triart Prep

Oct 24 2023

Stationary phase screenings are the initial step towards efficient purification processes. The testing of different selectivities determines the best separation for a dedicated substance. Therefore, various LC-phases need to be screened and a comprehensive screening set-up is the basis.

Your reliable phase screening: The YMC-Triart Prep family has now been extended with the latest member YMC-Triart Prep C4-S. With this addition, a complete and comprehensive set-up for stationary phase screenings is now available. All five YMC-Triart Prep phases share the same base material with different modifications. This allows comparable results with the economic benefits of the Triart family.

Features of the YMC-Triart Prep Screening Set-up

  • Increased chemical stability for long lifetimes and cost-efficiency
  • Scalable selectivity for easy method transfer from analytical to preparative scale
  • Available in pre-packed columns and as bulk material for self-packing
  • Complete screening set-up with all relevant RP-selectivities: define the best separation for your target

The YMC-Triart Prep family includes five different stationary phases based on the approved organic/inorganic hybrid silica. All phases are fully endcapped and have a trifunctional bonding. The YMC-Triart Prep phases are chemically highly stable and can be used up to pH 10 and even pH 12 for efficient column cleaning procedures.

Practical example – comprehensive screening of peptide separation: Seven different peptides were separated using all the available YMC-Triart Prep phases – each one provides its own advantage, depending on the peptide type and size. For example, for the separation of large peptides (peak pair 6,7), YMC-Triart Prep Bio200 C8 is the best solution due to its larger pore size, whereas YMC-Triart Prep Phenyl-S gives the best resolution for aromatic peptides (peak pair 3,4). This example shows that a screening of different selectivities is the key to success for the purification of any target substance.

For more information please have a look at our YMC-Triart Prep brochure or contact us directly!

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