• Monitoring HPLC Pump Performance: How Consistent is Your Flow?
    Liquid Chromatography flowmeter.
  • Detailed flow stability plot (showing drift).

Liquid Chromatography

Monitoring HPLC Pump Performance: How Consistent is Your Flow?

Oct 06 2021

The importance of HPLC pump performance for successful separations

A widely used technique in analytical chemistry, High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) is utilised across a wide range of applications, sample types, concentrations and compositions. An important parameter for successful HPLC separations is the flow rate; they are dependent on a consistent and stable solvent flow rate and by this they all require constant HPLC pump performance.

New technical report : Real-Time Monitoring of HPLC Pump Performance

Testa Analytical Solutions has published a technical report that evaluates an exciting new liquid flowmeter device designed to provide continuous real-time monitoring of the pump flow rate of any liquid chromatography system.

This technical report describes the shortfalls of traditional flow measurement techniques and demonstrates how a novel method of continuous monitoring of flow rate can provide real-time validation of the total HPLC system performance and as such, improve reliability of results.
Introduced in 2020, the Testa Analytical Liquid Chromatography Flowmeter is based around a thermal flow sensor that is not only extremely accurate, sensitive and high-resolution - but it also offers the advantage of being non-invasive. As this device does not interfere with the measurement itself, and can operate over a wide dynamic range, it offers the potential to be the perfect flow monitoring tool for almost any liquid chromatography system.
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