• At-Line mAb Titer & Aggregate Using Standard HPLC Workflow–No Sample Prep

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Liquid Chromatography

At-Line mAb Titer & Aggregate Using Standard HPLC Workflow–No Sample Prep

May 21 2024

Novilytic uses molecular recognition to analyze mAb structural changes in near-real-time, resulting in faster, more cost-effective life-saving medicine development.

Their flagship product, the Proteometer-L, is a kit that complements existing LC workflows and provides at-line titer and aggregate analysis in under 10 minutes. This is all completed without Protein-A sample preparation, allowing scientists in R&D, clone selection, or manufacturing, to better utilize their time.

Customers are using the Proteometer-L Kit for the rapid analysis of mAbs for titer and aggregate content from cell-free filtrate samples. It eliminates the need for sample preparation, protein A purification, and mass spectrometric analysis, allowing scientists to quickly and accurately quantitate mAb titer and aggregate content.

Moreover, the product allows scientists to utilize their existing LC workflows and does not require any method development, making it the perfect laboratory compliment for all phases of drug development.

The Proteometer-L saves over $100,000 per day by eliminating the hours of sample preparation traditionally required for molecular analysis1.

The kit comes with a reactor, buffer, reagents, and instructions. It is extremely easy to use and does not require a highly trained specialist to operate.

1 JAMA, March 3, 2020; Estimated Research and Development Investment Needed to Bring a New Medicine to Market, 2009-2018; Olivier J. Wouters, PhD1; Martin McKee, MD, DSc2; Jeroen Luyten, PhD3; Average cost range, 10 year.

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