• Improving the reliability of quantitative LC/MS
    The AB-40004 microflowmeter (µFlowmeter) from Testa Analytical.


Improving the reliability of quantitative LC/MS

Nov 13 2023

Testa Analytical Solutions eK introduces the AB-40004 microflowmeter (µFlowmeter), a cutting-edge, non-invasive device designed for continuous, high-precision measurement of low-volume liquid flows. Optimised to operate across the flow range of 0.001 to 80 µL/minute, with an unparalleled high resolution of 1nl/minute, the µFlowmeter stands as the ideal tool for accurate measurement of low flow rates, enhancing the reliability of quantitative HPLC/Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS) measurements.

Compact in size and powered conveniently via a USB connection, the µFlowmeter is fully compatible with all organic and aqueous chromatography solvents. This affordably priced device comes equipped with an easy-to-use PC-based app, facilitating continuous recording and storage of measured flow rates. The integral high-resolution OLED Display on the µFlowmeter provides real-time display and easy control of the current flow value. The accompanying software app also generates reports on average and minimum/maximum values of the measured flow, with all flow data automatically stored in files for later processing using a variety of commercial data analysis packages.

Utilising a highly accurate, sensitive, and non-invasive thermal flow sensor, the µFlowmeter operates over a broad dynamic range without interfering with the measurement process. Proven to be an ideal real-time flow monitoring tool, the µFlowmeter addresses the needs of a growing range of liquid chromatography applications.

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