• NEW Whitepaper: Analysis and purification of oligonucleotides


NEW Whitepaper: Analysis and purification of oligonucleotides

Jun 27 2023

Therapeutic oligonucleotides are synthetic DNA or RNA oligomers that can be quite diverse, not only in their func­tion but also in their structure. The current gold standards for their separation are anion exchange (AEX) and ion-pairing reversed phase chromatography (IP-RP).

Even though the goals of oligonucleotide analyses and purifications are quite different, it is important to consid­er them together in order to design an efficient process. Whereas small column dimensions and particle sizes are used to identify and characterise oligonucleotides in an­alytical LC, large column IDs and particles are used for their isolation and purification. Analytical methods are not only used for quality control and characterisation but also as starting point for preparative applications. Applying a linear scale-up is a straight-forward approach and requires scalable stationary phases. The same selectivity needs to be provided by a stationary phase independent from its particle size. As a result, the method development and loading study can be performed in analytical scale followed by a scale-up to the final preparative dimensions and method parameters. YMC offers robust AEX and IP-RP stationary phases for this straight-forward approach.

This new Whitepaper gives you information allowing for the selection of the optimum stationary and mobile phase for your oligonucleotide separation. You will find useful tips on loadability and the scale-up process, as well as information about the specifications of YMC’s BioPro IEX and YMC-Triart columns and phases. 

The Whitepaper is an excellent guide for anyone involved in the analysis or purification of oligonucleotides. 

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