• Innovative UHPLC/HPLC Separation Solutions for BioLC


Innovative UHPLC/HPLC Separation Solutions for BioLC

Oct 28 2019

New UHPLC/HPLC phases for biomolecules such as peptides/proteins, antibodies or oligonucleotides have to meet numerous challenging criteria including high temperature/pH stability, high resolution and therefore MS-compatibility and inertness. Properties such as highly robust phases and particularly excellent lot-to-lot reproducibility for QC purposes have become major priorities. YMC’s main focus for satisfying these needs for BioLC users has been the production and supply of reliable products together with the introduction of new, innovative products

YMC-Triart Bio C4 and the all new YMC-Triart Bio C18 are widepore phases for RP-(U)HPLC. They offer the perfect solution for outstanding selectivity for peptide and protein analyses as well as antibody separations with their 300 Å pore size. Method flexibility is enhanced due to the high temperature - (up to 90°C) and pH stability (pH 1-12 (10)). Their superior lot-to-lot reproducibility guarantees reliable BioLC QC data. These YMC-Triart Bio phases are available in 1.9 µm for UHPLC as well as 3 and 5 µm for HPLC separations, together with bioinert and semi preparative YMC-Actus columns for improved separations and purifications.

Extraordinary selectivity for antibody analyses is provided by YMC-SEC MAB. Simultaneous analysis of antibodies together with their fragments and aggregates in just one run is now possible. YMC-SEC MAB is the ideal choice for users developing new or improved methods for BioLC QC due to its outstanding reproducibility.

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