• Expert Tip: (U)HPLC Method Parameter Quick Reference


Expert Tip: (U)HPLC Method Parameter Quick Reference

Jun 21 2022

When choosing a (U)HPLC column for an application the most important factor for high resolution is selectivity. This determining factor is mostly dependent on the analytes of interest but it can be altered, for example, by the choice of the stationary phase modification as well as organic solvents and additives of the mobile phase. However other important parameters such as:

  • column inner diameter or radius
  • column length
  • stationary phase particle diameter
  • mobile phase flow rate
  • injection volume
  • porosity of sample or mobile phase filters

are all interconnected and need to be considered to achieve optimal resolution. Especially when transferring method between different types of systems or detection methods, adjustments of these parameters are unavoidable.

This new Expert Tip by YMC provides a quick reference of common combinations for column dimensions and suitable method parameters to help chromatographers in method transfer, scaling, optimisation and troubleshooting. You will find practical aspects and overview tables how to:

  • adjust flow rate to different stationary phase particle sizes and column ID
  • adjust sample injection volume to total column volume and solvent strength
  • preserve column life time.

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