• LCMS-2020 – Jet engine


LCMS-2020 – Jet engine

Oct 19 2009

Delivering the world’s fastest scanning speed and outstanding sensitivity, the compact LCMS-2020 quadrupole mass spectrometer is truly a jet engine for quicker and more accurate detection of trace impurities, environmental pollutants and other contaminants. When combined with the prominence ultra-fast LC (UFLC/UFLCXR), the LCMS-2020 offers the ultimate in separation performance and productivity.

World’s fastest switching Technology
New switching technology (patent pending) enables switching between positive and negative ion modes in 15 milliseconds, so even the fastest LC peaks can be analyzed in both modes, thus increasing productivity.

Superior sensitivity, particularly for ultra high-speed analysis
Innovative ion optics with the newly developed Qarray® ion optical system provide superior sensitivity, repeatability and linearity, achieving greater sensitivity than any other single quadrupole analyzer for substances most commonly measured.

Fast scanning speeds ever
By adopting new technology (patent pending), a scanning speed of 15,000 u/sec is achieved without sacrificing sensitivity or resolution, even during high-speed scans.

Easy Operation/Maintenance
Switching between ion sources takes just a minute. In addition, routine maintenance steps can be performed without breaking the vacuum.

For further information please visit www.shimadzu.eu

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