• Chiral Handbook for HPLC and SFC Separations - Second Edition


Chiral Handbook for HPLC and SFC Separations - Second Edition

May 27 2020

One of the biggest challenges in separating chiral compounds is finding the right column for your separation. Because there is no universal chiral stationary phase, it is difficult to predict which stationary phase will provide the best separation. Unlike many normal phase or reversed-phase separations, chiral separations do not simply depend on hydrophobicity. Chiral separations depend highly on the difference in orthogonality and planar shape between the two stereoisomers and their interaction with the stationary phase. The chiral stationary phase (CSP) interacts with the analyte enantiomers to form short-lived, transient diastereomeric complexes. The binding strength of one of those complexes will be stronger than the other, resulting in differences in retention times for the enantiomer pair. Often, more than one column may provide some separation, but in many cases, only one column or possibly two will provide adequate resolution of the enantiomers. Therefore, screening of multiple columns is often needed to find the right column for separation. Since there is no universal CSP, selecting a set of columns that have broad applicability and durability for high volume screening is recommended.  

The second edition Chiral Handbook from Regis Technologies is a valuable resource that provides advice on column selection and method development for both HPLC and SFC to help identify the right column for your separation. The Chiral Handbook also includes frequently asked questions related to chiral separations, and over 950 applications using Regis chiral columns.

Since 1972, Regis Technologies, Inc. has been a leader in HPLC and SFC chiral separations and purification services. We are proud to be a trusted supplier of high-quality chromatography products and unique chiral stationary phases.

Regis offers four different types of chiral stationary phases (CSPs):

  • Covalently bonded Pirkle-Type
  • Immobilised Polysaccharide
  • Coated Polysaccharide
  • Covalently bonded 18 Crown-ether

Columns are available in analytical to preparative sizes as well as custom sizes.

Need help finding the best column for your compound? Regis offers FREE chiral screening by one of our chiral separations experts to find the best column and method for your compound.

To download a copy of the Chiral Handbook, or for more information about our free chiral screening service and Regis’ line of innovative chromatography products, please click here.

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