• Versatile HPLC Columns for Precision Metabolic Analyses


Versatile HPLC Columns for Precision Metabolic Analyses

Nov 01 2021

HPLC Columns offer different and improved selectivity of peptides and pharmaceuticals for HPLC & LCMS

Made with a slightly hydrophobic silica-hydride particle, instead of the ordinary silica particle, the Cogent Diamond Hydride™ and the Cogent Phenyl Hydride™ HPLC Columns from Microsolv Technology are part of the ‘TYPE-C™ Silica’ family that are used for polar analytes in HILIC and or ANP Modes.

It has been reported that the Diamond Hydride™ Column will retain and separate many polar and non-polar peptides in a single run even when using gradients as well as closely related compounds. The Phenyl Hydride™ Column offers similar properties and capabilities but the addition of a Phenyl group to the stationary phase provides additional selectivity power for sample compounds with aromatic rings. The Phenyl Hydride column can be using in Reversed Phase or HILIC / ANP Modes.

Both columns are reported to be very robust, will equilibrate in minimal time between runs and are extremely reproducible when using them for HPLC or UHPLC.

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