• High Quality, Lowest Priced, HPLC & GC Syringe Filters in the UK


High Quality, Lowest Priced, HPLC & GC Syringe Filters in the UK

Nov 24 2020

High Quality HPLC & GC Syringe filters are now available at the lowest prices in the UK from HPLC Direct Ltd. This allows laboratory managers and analysts to better manage their already constrained cost bases in these uncertain times.

Syringe filters are an important tool in the HPLC & GC users toolbox and allow samples to be thoroughly cleared of all particulate matter prior to being injected into the chromatography system from Autosampler Vials.

HPLC Direct Ltd, was founded in September 2020 by Dr Robert Gray and his business partner Michael Wade.

Rob is the ex-owner and founder of HPLC Technology Ltd, and together with Mick his business analyst partner provides vast chromatography knowledge and management experience of over 60 years combined.

Our extensive research has indicated that most HPLC & GC consumables are extremely overpriced and the market is currently controlled by a few multi-nationals.

As you can see, our syringe filters are made with the highest quality and now available at a fraction of the current market price.

Would you like FREE samples? Request your free samples on our website.

HPLC Direct’s full product list can be found here, or the company can be contacted by email.

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