• Horizon HPLC Columns New


Horizon HPLC Columns New

Oct 18 2021

Horizon Chromatography produces a wide range of HPLC columns designed to tackle chromatography issues from the industrial and research sectors.  Our wide ranging robust, reproducible HPLC and UHPLC columns are competitively priced and distributed quickly and efficiently.

Horizon Chromatography has now expanded its range of column chemistries with the addition of a unique C18/AR phase; this novel chemistry is a mixture of aromatic phenolic selectivity combined with C18 ligands to offer unique selectivity options for the resolution of complex analyte species.

This new phase chemistry builds upon our already impressive line-up of selectivity stationary phases, C18/PFP, AQUA C18 being just a sample of our capability to resolve and retain hydrophobic and more polar analytes together in matrix. The full Horizon® range of columns still contains the more traditional workhorse stationary phases such as C18, C8, Amino, HILIC and Phenyl. All phases are designed to provide optimum peak shapes ensuring that sensitivity is preserved for low abundance species. 

Our Aurashell® columns are the latest in core-shell technology, a solid inner core with a porous outer ‘shell’ offers a tangible gain in efficiency and resolution without significant increases in system backpressure. This means that traditional LC systems can be used more effectively with these particles. Aurashell® columns come with the option for 14 different stationary phases, including specific phases for peptides and protein work.

Horizon PEP and Horizon PRO columns are designed for biomolecule analysis of higher molecular weight compounds. Having an optimised pore structure allows larger molecules to access and resolve on the stationary phase by adsorption/desorption.

If you wish to find out more about the products, please download our brochure here.

We are also looking for new distribution channels for our products worldwide. If you are interested in becoming a distributor then please contact us.

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