• Grace VisionHT™ HPLC Media Platform


Grace VisionHT™ HPLC Media Platform

Apr 28 2010

Different systems, Different Applications, One media Platform

Greater demands are placed on today’s chromatographers and laboratory managers to be more productive with their time and resources.

The Grace VisionHT™ Media Platform technology is the basis for a truly seamless column choice. It is available in 1.5, 3, 5 and 10µm particle sizes in six very different phase chemistries and a multitude of hardware formats, enabling use on ANY LC system.

Grace has been manufacturing silica for over a century and bringing innovations to the chromatographer for over three decades. We have been producing sub-2µm media for over a decade – long before the instrumentation was commercially available to use it at its optimum. We produce the base silica, apply the phase chemistry and pack the columns ourselves to provide a reproducible and reliable product. With ISO 9001, 14000 and 13485 certification and full traceability from the base silica to the final column you can rely on us.

You can quickly and easily transfer methods between UHPLC, HPLC and preparative systems to improve laboratory efficiency. Now, you can separate the most complex samples with excellent resolution on any LC system. We use identical base silica and chemistries for all of the particle sizes so that method transfer is simple and straightforward.

Our choice of column hardware is unrivalled. With 1 or 2mm UHPLC formats, Expedite™ high throughput columns for low volume systems, Rocket™ columns or conventional Analytical formats for Traditional HPLC instrumentation and 10 or 22mm columns for use on Semi-Prep or Preparative HPLC systems you really can transfer your methods to any platform.

So what benefits does this give you as an HPLC chemist?

If you are responsible for the actual separation, VisionHT™ technology helps you be more productive. It can give faster separations with equal or better resolution than conventional analytical columns. It’s the result of not only sub-2um media, but also our unique high throughput hardware technologies which are tailored to get the most out of your UHPLC, conventional HPLC, or semi-preparative system.

However speed means nothing if you can’t get the separation that you need. The VisionHT™ bonding chemistries offer phases that varies greatly in their selectivity. From a classical high load C18, to highly polar retentive phases VisionHT™ Medias give you markedly different separation profiles. By choosing phases with complementary selectivity, you can run a standard method and have confidence that if one of the phases doesn’t produce the separation you need the other will. Great results, every time.

If you are responsible for managing a laboratory or a process, it is likely that you work and manage multiple systems types. VisionHT™ LC technology improves lab efficiency and streamlines processes by unifying UHPLC, HPLC and Preparative platforms. By having the identical media available in 1.5 to 10um sizes, optimizing and transferring methods between systems and laboratories is very simple and quick.

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