• Meet the world’s leading separation scientists at HPLC 2023


Meet the world’s leading separation scientists at HPLC 2023

Mar 21 2023

HPLC 2023 in Düsseldorf, Germany will be the world’s largest separation science symposium in 2023 covering all aspects around liquid phase separation technologies, their hyphenation to mass spectrometry and ion-mobility spectrometry. Part of the scientific conference will be a large exhibition where vendors of (U)HPLC and mass spectrometry instrumentation, of columns and consumables will showcase their latest developments and new products. HPLC 2023 will also offer a rich short course program held by leading international experts about the latest developments in fields like two-dimensional HPLC, supercritical fluid chromatography, ion-mobility mass spectrometry, metabolomics and lipidomics, hyphenation of LC and SFC with mass spectrometry, data processing, and sample preparation. As a highlight and unique opportunity, a short course on UHPLC method development with hands on practical course on modern instrumentation will enrich the short course program.

HPLC 2023 features plenary talks of leading scientists on current hot topics in separation sciences ranging from molecular phenomics in systems, synthetic, and chemical biology as well as in personalized and public healthcare, about newest developments in column technologies, the digital transformation of the analytical lab, from biopharma challenges to single cell analysis. An entire full-day track will be devoted to HPLC in chemical industry in which specific pressing issues of the chemical industry will be addressed. Themes comprise a tutorial on REACH of polymers followed by a discussion, a panel discussion on sustainability in chromatography, talks on various forms of polymer chromatography, 2D-LC of surfactants, SFC in industry, and online LC for reaction monitoring. Tutorials on automation, ion-mobility spectrometry, 2DLC method development, gradient UHPLC optimization, oligonucleotide and mRNA chromatography, and microscale sample preparation will give students and newcomers an update on the state of the art in these fields.

As new formats of communicating science, HPLC 2023 will feature a science slam, which is a competition between the science slammers with the goal to win the favor of the audience and jury, and a video competition, the HPLC Tube, which is a scientific contest for the best video in which scientists present the impact of their research for our society in a creative way. The winners will get a monetary award. Please register for these events and submit your contribution on the website. Best posters will be also awarded with a monetary prize.

The conference will take place at the Conference Center Duesseldorf (CCD South) which is well connected with the metro U78 and easy to reach from the city by public transportation. Düsseldorf is a vibrant city at the heart of Europe. It is famous for its modern architecture and Rhenish tradition.

Registration at reduced fee is still open until April 20, 2023. Updated information can be found on the symposium webpage.

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