• New Clarity Version 2.6.06 with Shimadzu Control Drivers


New Clarity Version 2.6.06 with Shimadzu Control Drivers

Mar 17 2009

DataApex has released the update of its chromatography software. Together with Clarity version 2.6.06 DataApex officially releases twenty control drivers for Shimadzu LC-10 and LC-20 (Prominence) HPLC systems.
These modules enable Clarity to provide integrated instrument control for Shimadzu pumps, column ovens, detectors and autosamplers.

“We are happy that we can offer a solution to customers using Shimadzu HPLC systems and we appreciate the great support we have received from Shimadzu Company including the possibility to test our drivers at Shimadzu’s laboratories in Columbia, USA. ” said Jan Hruby, general manager of DataApex. Clarity users can currently control more than 170 instruments directly from the software. Additional modules are expected soon. The new software release includes also drivers for Young Lin GC system YL 6110. The demonstration version of the Clarity Software and the complete list of controlled instruments can be downloaded from the DataApex website.

Clarity Chromatography Software has a strong position in the chromatography data systems market. Clarity is highly regarded for its intuitive approach, excellent performance, cost-effectiveness and proficient technical support. DataApex is solely focused on chromatography software development. A strong emphasis is placed on technological innovation, visionary adoption of new laboratory standards, best practices and extensive customer support.

DataApex products are sold in over 60 countries around the world. Eight chromatography instrument manufacturers privately resell labeled versions of DataApex’s software. The current version of Clarity is the third generation of DataApex’s chromatography software.

To obtain further information about DataApex Clarity products please contact us at clarity@dataapex.com or visit www.dataapex.com

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