• Crawford Scientific – your partner in Fast HPLC, every step of the way...


Crawford Scientific – your partner in Fast HPLC, every step of the way...

Oct 19 2009

In the race to market, speed is everything. Crawford Scientific work closely with our clients through every step of method development and implementation to ensure you can take advantage of today’s enabling technologies.

Most laboratories would like to take advantage of the move to reduced dimension HPLC columns and smaller diameter column packings to achieve shorter analysis times or higher resolution within complex chromatograms.

Our ‘integrated’ approach to meet client needs enables us to offer:

• Method Translation of your existing method to a new higher throughput or higher resolution method. This is important as most simple web-based translator systems do not take into account key variables such as system dwell volumes, extra column volumes and gradient steepness (k*). Our translated methods can be demonstrated LIVE AT YOUR SITE using Buy & Try columns, so you get going as soon as possible with this new enabling technology. Learn More>>

• Fast HPLC Training courses either at your site or in an off-site event which shows you how to take advantage of Sub 2 µ m particles, using everything from standard HPLC equipment rated to 400 bar(!) right through to Ultra High Pressure systems. We will show you how to achieve maximum throughput or resolution with your system and column combination.
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• Zorbax Rapid Resoution High Throughput (RRHT) and Rapid Resolution High Definition (RRHD) HPLC columns are world beating separation solutions for high throughput and ultra-high pressure chromatography. The full range of Zorbax chemistries are available in both formats and the Sub 2 µ m particles are designed to allow you to work from sub 400bar up to 1200bar with excellent robustness, pH stability, efficiency and resolution. We can also help you with column selection to replace your current column chemistry with the nearest Zorbax equivalent based on our wide experience and advanced column classification system.
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• Full Service Consultancy solutions. If the move to higher throughput or high- resolution chromatography is delayed due to workload or lack of development expertise – let Crawford Scientific Analytical Services do it for you. Our highly experienced chemists working with state of the art equipment can take your existing methods, translate them and transfer them back to your laboratory or even develop them from scratch.
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In the race to get quality HPLC data fast, Crawford Scientific can help you, every step of the way……

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