• Extended Range of Products for all your Chromatography Needs


Extended Range of Products for all your Chromatography Needs

Nov 05 2019

Carlo Erba Reagents provides an extended range of products for your chromatography needs: high quality eluents and standards specific for chromatography; high quality products with the highest specifications for your analyses; solvents, alcohols, minerals, buffers, organic and inorganic substances, acids and bases; full range of consumables and small equipment for your chromatography requirements, from sample preparation to vials and columns.

With its two production units, Carlo Erba Reagents has dedicated teams for the production and purification of high purity products for all type of chromatography. These meet the highest specifications required for the most demanding chromatography methods.

The company’s chromatography product range includes products for: liquid chromatography such as solvents for UHPLC-MS, solvents, additives and blends for LC-MS, solvents for HPLC gradient, solvents for HPLC iIsocratic, solvents for HPLC preparative, premixed mobile phases, silica gel and filter aids, HPLC columns, HPLC accessories, solvent storage/handling, syringes and vials.

The gas chromatography range provides HEADSPACE solvents, GC-MS solvents, PESTIPUR® solvents for pesticides residue analysis, ATRASOL® solvents for the detection of traces in organic compounds and hydrocarbons, ATRASOL® solvents for Hydrocarbon index determination according to EN ISO 9377-2, organic standards (which can also be customised with specific molecules and matrices), gas generators, GC Columns, GC Consumables and vials.

In addition to ion pairing reagents for ion Pair chromatography, Carlo Erba Reagents also offers concentrated mobile phases and standard solutions for Ionic chromatography

Carlo Erba Reagents are also able to provide customised solutions, mixtures and packaging of the highest quality. To see the catalogue product range, visit the website.

Download the chromatography brochure here: https://ilmt.co/PL/4ZKB

More information online: www.carloerbareagents.com

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