• Non-invasive Liquid Flow Measurement Solutions


Non-invasive Liquid Flow Measurement Solutions

Sep 15 2023

Biotech Fluidics has expanded its line of non-invasive flowmeters, offering real-time liquid flow monitoring across a wide spectrum of applications. This extended range includes four distinct devices, each tailored to handle specific flow rate requirements from nanolitres per minute right up to 650 millilitres per minute..

The Biotech Micro Flow Meter is designed to operate within the flow range of 0.01 to 80 µL per minute, providing an exceptional resolution of 1nl per minute. It excels at precisely monitoring ultra-low flow rates commonly found in UHPLC, LC/MS, and micro/nanoscale bioprocessing applications.

For flow rates ranging from 1µL to 5mL per minute, the Biotech HPLC Flow Meter comes pre-calibrated and can be seamlessly integrated inline for continuous monitoring. It serves liquid flow measurement purposes in systems like HPLC, GPC/SEC, and flow chemistry reactors.

The Biotech Semi-Prep Flow Meter covers an extended flow rate range of up to 40 mL/min. It is a valuable tool for the continuous monitoring and validation of pumps in straight and reverse-phase preparative HPLC, flash, continuous processing systems, and bioreactor feed pumps.

Finally, the Biotech High Flow Meter is capable of handling liquid flow rates of up to 650mL per minute, offering a resolution of 0.02 mL per minute. It proves to be an essential asset for optimising processes, particularly when monitoring preparative chromatographs producing larger quantities of pure compounds.

These compact Biotech Flow Meters are equipped with user-friendly PC software, enabling the continuous recording, monitoring, and storage of measured flow rate data. Additionally, an integrated OLED display provides real-time flow rate data, facilitating the identification of transient pulsations and offering a comprehensive view of flow stability. These flowmeters are recognised for their reliability and compatibility with a broad range of solvents and liquid reagents.

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