• Improving UHPLC Performance through High-Pressure Fluidic Connections


Improving UHPLC Performance through High-Pressure Fluidic Connections

Aug 16 2023

Biotech Fluidics announces the availability of an insightful review paper that showcases the exceptional capabilities of its cutting-edge MarvelX™ and MarvelXACT™ high-pressure fluidic connections. This comprehensive paper highlights how these advanced connections empower users to achieve consistent, replicable, and uniform UHPLC performance.

Within the contents of this document, fluidic experts delve into the challenges that users often encounter when operating modern UHPLC instruments.

One of the most critical challenges in designing fluidic links for UHPLC systems is ensuring a secure seal at the connection port's base. The innovative design of MarvelX™ and MarvelXACT™ addresses this hurdle by minimising the required sealing area for establishing a connection capable of withstanding UHPLC pressures. This innovation significantly reduces the force needed for proper connection installation.

Supported by illustrative data, the review paper highlights how the unique configuration of MarvelX™ and MarvelXACT™ fittings simplifies and accelerates installation while maintaining high performance standards. By altering the sealing mechanism and substantially reducing the required installation force, these fittings eliminate the risk of damaging essential components of UHPLC instruments.

The data also demonstrates that MarvelXACT™ high-pressure fluidic fittings incorporate a torque-limiting mechanism to prevent over-tightening. This mechanism ensures that users can consistently and reproducibly achieve optimal performance, even when facing pressures of up to 19,000 psi after repeated applications.

With their streamlined installation process, consistent high performance across multiple iterations, and safeguarding of critical UHPLC instrument components, MarvelX™ and MarvelXACT™ fittings have the potential to yield significant cost savings, potentially saving UHPLC laboratories thousands of Euros annually.

For those seeking in-depth insights, the informative review paper is available for download now.

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