• Compact solvent recycler maximises HPLC efficiency
    SmartSaver operating principle.
  • SmartSaver solvent recycling unit.


Compact solvent recycler maximises HPLC efficiency

Nov 20 2023

Introducing Biotech Fluidics' SmartSaver solvent recycling unit, designed to recover up to 90% of mobile phase solvents in isocratic HPLC. By redirecting pure solvent to the reservoir, SmartSaver not only boosts lab sustainability but also offers cost savings through significant solvent recycling. The compact design directly powers from the chromatography data system PC, eliminating the need for a separate adapter. User-friendly software allows easy configuration, providing online monitoring and an audit trail of the recovered solvent.

SmartSaver is compatible with nearly all HPLC systems, continuously monitoring the output signal from the chromatographic instrument detector. An integral smart processor evaluates digital data, enabling the 3-way valve in SmartSaver to switch between waste and recycle positions based on the detector mobile phase output signal.
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