• NEW Economical Post Column Derivatization Kits


NEW Economical Post Column Derivatization Kits

Sep 28 2009

Aura Industries (USA) has introduced its NEW EPOCOD™, a compact and economical unit placed between an HPLC Column and Detector. The EPOCOD™ is designed to facilitate post column chemical derivatization. The kit includes a PTFE knitted reactor coil, a column jacket for temperature control and a “T” connector for convenient mixing of the analyte with post column chemical derivatization agents. The Standard EPOCOD™ comes with a knitted reactor coil 5 meters long x 0.5 mm ID in a 4” long column jacket (EP B-4-5-50). Other combinations of knitted reactor coils and column jackets can be provided based on the users specific analytical needs. Lengths are available from 5 to 25 meters, ID’s of To complete the kit, Aura also provides an optional Water Circulator used in conjunction with the column jacket to control the temperature of the post column chemical derivatization reaction and a compact peristaltic pump as an economical solution to providing the necessary second pump. An extensive Bibliography with hundreds of applications for the use of post column chemical derivatization including the sensitive determination of free formaldehyde in cosmetic preservatives is available. For complete information on the Aura Industries EPOCOD, the optional Water Circulator and Peristaltic Pump as well as the extensive Bibliography.
visit www.aura-inc.com

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