• GC pioneers of the first hour


GC pioneers of the first hour

Dec 07 2016

Just four years after the drivers of GC technology were awarded the Nobel Prize, Shimadzu developed its first GC system in Japan. That was in 1956, and this year Shimadzu celebrates its 60th GC anniversary. In the last decades, the company has established many technical milestones that are meanwhile standard today. One of the developments, representing this spirit of innovation, is the GC-2014.

With GC-2014 Shimadzu has introduced an electronic carrier gas supply system exclusively developed for packed column operation. The system provides dedicated carrier gas controllers for packed- and capillary column applications, offering best performance and precision with both separation techniques. This makes it a very flexible system for routine analysis since the model selection covers solutions for all typical GC operation – capillary columns only, packed columns only and a combination of packed and capillary column operation on one GC. The small footprint, many automation features and metal housing make it a sturdy GC for online analysis in process control even in tough environments.

Shimadzu´s GC milestones are on our dedicated and regularly updated website.

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