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GCxGC Modulators for Every Challenge

Jan 16 2019

Comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography (GC×GC) is a very powerful separation technique in which the carrier gas eluting from a capillary GC column (first dimension) is introduced onto a second capillary column (second dimension) with different but complementary separation mechanism. This way the sample is subject to two different separation processes within a single analysis. This increases remarkably the peak capacity and leads to an enormous resolving power. Compared to a single column separation, GC×GC can provide highly detailed sample characterisation and excellent visualisation of sample components.

This device continuously fractionates the eluate of the first column into slices and re-inject them into the second dimension, where further separation occurs. Typically eluting peaks from the first dimension are cut by the modulator into 3-5 slices. The separation on the second dimension column is very fast, typically 3-8 seconds.

There is no ideal modulator that is the best choice for all applications. Selecting the right modulator is of critical importance because it can affect dramatically the quality of the GC×GC results and the user-friendliness of the set-up. This choice should be tailored on your need, see what possibilities we offer. 

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