• Flowmeter software driver for chromatography data systems
    Flowmeter Software Driver for Chromatography Data Systems. (courtesy: Testa Analytical)
  • Liquid Chromatography flowmeter. (courtesy – Testa Analytical)


Flowmeter software driver for chromatography data systems

Oct 20 2023

Testa Analytical has unveiled a robust software driver that enables seamless control and data collection from its AB-4XXXX Series liquid flowmeters through chromatography data systems (CDS) compatible with Agilent Technologies' rapid control framework (rc.NET).

Carlo Dessy, software developer at Testa Analytical, highlighted the significance of including real-time flow rate data in chromatograms for comprehensive quality assessment in high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC), liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC/MS), or gel permeation/size exclusion chromatography (GPC/SEC) systems. CDS are widely adopted in laboratories worldwide for their capacity to streamline analysis, interpretation, reporting, and ensure data integrity.

The new software driver facilitates the connection of multiple flowmeters, each linked to a USB port, to a single CDS. It accommodates standalone, networked, and client-server configurations, as well as virtual servers that meet the hardware requirements of Testa Analytical liquid flowmeters. The rapid control technology utilised in the driver aligns seamlessly with popular CDS, including Agilent Technologies OpenLab, WinGPC UniChrom, and Clarity systems.

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