• Custom degassing solution for automated flow chemistry
    Custom 8-channel degasser for Autonomous Chemistry Lab flow chemistry system.


Custom degassing solution for automated flow chemistry

Jan 17 2024

Biotech Fluidics highlights the creation of a customised 8-channel DEGASi® Plus inline degassing system tailored for AutoSyn AB, a start-up specialising in flow chemistry and continuous processing systems.

Recognising the limitations of off-the-shelf solutions for the specific requirements of AutoSyn's advanced flow chemistry system, Biotech Fluidics addressed the challenge by developing a bespoke degasser. In response to space constraints and the need for a positive nitrogen pressure to prevent cavitation, Biotech Fluidics engineered a specialised 8-channel degasser to simultaneously degas eight different solvents. This application-optimised degasser seamlessly integrated with the AutoSyn flow chemistry system within a few weeks of conception.

AutoSyn AB, specialising in the automation of chemical development, utilises the Autonomous Chemistry Lab flow chemistry system to expedite chemical reactions and achieve a transition to greener and more sustainable products. Hannes Schomaker, co-founder and CTO of AutoSyn AB, commended Biotech Fluidics for their expertise in degassing technology and their ability to quickly produce a degassing system tailored to their needs. The resulting 8-channel DEGASi® Plus module exceeded expectations in terms of build quality, degassing performance, and reliability.

Biotech Fluidics, renowned internationally for high-performance degassing systems, offers standard degassers with up to six channels. The introduction of the DEGASi® PLUS series has set a benchmark for vacuum degassers. These systems, equipped for a wide range of applications, save time and money by preventing production disruptions caused by bubbles in fluidic lines.

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