• Advanced degassing solutions for GPC applications
    DEGASi Plus GPC and DEGASi Plus GPC Semi-Prep degassers from Biotech Fluidics.


Advanced degassing solutions for GPC applications

Nov 01 2023

Biotech Fluidics has unveiled two cutting-edge degassers optimised for Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC) applications: the DEGASi Plus GPC and DEGASi Plus GPC Semi-Prep.

In liquid chromatography systems, changes in pressure or temperature can lead to the formation of gas bubbles, potentially impacting accuracy and equipment performance. Online degassing is a trusted method for removing dissolved gases from the fluid stream, effectively preventing bubble formation, reducing noise, and enhancing baseline stability, thus ensuring more consistent results. However, traditional degassers often struggle to handle GPC applications utilising 100% organic solvents.

To address this challenge, Biotech Fluidics developed the DEGASi Plus GPC and DEGASi Plus GPC Semi-Prep. These exceptional high-performance degassers are compatible with a wide range of organic solvents, including hexane and chlorinated solvents, thanks to their robust degasser membrane. This internal connection within the fluidic line is essential for efficient degassing in GPC and straight phase separations using 100% organic solvents.

Operating nearly silently, the user-friendly DEGASi Plus GPC and DEGASi Plus GPC Semi-Prep require minimal bench space and are fully compatible with all commercial GPC/SEC systems. The DEGASi Plus GPC, available in 1-6 channels, employs continuous vacuum system monitoring to maintain optimal operational conditions. Additionally, Biotech Fluidics has integrated advanced error and leak checking functions, along with their patented ZHCR® control to eliminate baseline fluctuations.

With an exceptionally chemical-compatible flow path, this CE and RoHS compliant unit is designed for trouble-free operation, even in continuous 24/7 usage spanning over 5 years.

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