• Get your BUCHI Flash Cartridges sample kit now and explore a new way of purification

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Get your BUCHI Flash Cartridges sample kit now and explore a new way of purification

May 31 2012

With Sepacore® Flash cartridges optimized separations can be achieved in only one run thanks to the high quality silica and the optimized packing process. Cartridge sizes from 4g up to 330g are available with silica, C18, Amine, Cyano, Diol and SCX-2 cation exchange packing material. In addition, for challenging separations, the silica HP cartridges provide smaller particles with higher resolution capabilities. For larger scale purifications 800g and 1600g cartridges are available with silica and C18 sorbent material. The very broad range of sorbents together with the large choice of cartridge sizes provides a solution for any purification requirement.

The high quality silica packing material has been optimised to provide efficient and reproducible separations: tight particle size distribution, low metal ion content, controlled water content and neutral pH are the essential characteristics allowing high resolution and reproducible purifications. In addition, the optimized packing process guarantees lot-to-lot reproducibility and efficient separations even at elevated flow rates. Consequently, the overall purification process can be performed faster and at a lower cost.

The Sepacore Flash cartridges can be mounted on any commercial flash chromatography system using standard Luer-lock connectors. However, the full advantage of these cartridges is realized when operated with the Sepacore Flash chromatography system. This system provides an optimal scale up capability on a single system thanks to a maximal flow rate of 250mL/min. In addition, high resolution separations are possible even at high flow rates with a working pressure up to 50 bars (725 psi). The broad range of flash chromatography columns offered by BUCHI addresses almost any purification requirements.

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