•  New High Temperature GPC/SEC System


 New High Temperature GPC/SEC System

Aug 14 2012

Polymer Char announces the development of a renewed reliable and fully automated 4D Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC/SEC) system with a significant improvement in the IR detectors to measure the composition and molar mass of polyolefins.

The new GPC-IR instrument incorporates new features such as the full integration of the new infrared detector IR5 MCT, with outstanding sensitivity and stability to measure both concentration and composition (SCB/1000C). In addition, other detectors such as a four capillary bridge viscometer and a multi-angle light scattering for Long Chain Branching (LCB) can be coupled to Polymer Char GPC-IR becoming the most advanced instrumentation for SEC analyses.

The GPC-IR automates all sample preparation steps, including the initial vials filling as well as an in-line filtration with blackflush cleaning. As a result, neither vials transfer nor manual solvents handling is required at any moment throughout the whole analytical process.

Polymer Char's GPC-IR incorporates other technological developments, based on the principles of most reliable hardware, full automation, user friendly operation, easy maintenance and proper diagnostic tools. Some of these features developed are for instance the ones related to the sample care to minimize degradation, that is, taking only the necessary time to complete dissolution for each vial (no longer than desired), shaking instead of stirring and N2 vials purge. Furthermore, other important advantages are introduced like a column compartment, independent from the rest of the hardware, a solvent recycling system or
a very comprehensive calculations software (GPC One) developed with the industry leaders, integrating all detectors signals. 

For more information www.polymerchar.com

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