• Challenging Life Science Applications Unlocked by UV area Imaging Detector...


Challenging Life Science Applications Unlocked by UV area Imaging Detector...

Mar 09 2009

Paraytec has announced the availability of a new 8-page brochure (http://www.paraytec.com/downloads/brochures/) that provides an informative introduction to the multi-award winning ActiPix® D100 miniature UV area imaging detector.

The ActiPix D-100, is the world’s first quantitative UV area imaging system. As well as providing superior performance over existing micro and nano flow detectors the patented ActiPix opens up intriguing new possibilities in applications including real time study of diffusion processes, in-line quantification and sizing of biopharmaceuticals, dissolution / solubility testing and membrane transport studies.

Compact in design the ActiPix D100 consists of a control box connected via a fibre optic cable and communications cable to a remote sensor head. The sensor head holds easily exchangeable, application-specific
cartridges for techniques including capillary electrophoresis (CE), nanoliquid chromatography (nanoLC) and powerful imaging of lab-on-chip devices. The miniature detector head contains a high resolution 1280x1024 active pixel sensor. The detector can be used as a ‘plug and play’ accessory linked in-line to single or multiple peripheral devices, such as existing CE or nanoLC instrumentation, with or without a mass spectrometer. Detection is performed at a selected wavelength by means of interchangeable filters. Light is delivered via a fibre optic coupled pulsed xenon light source. Readout of signals from individual pixels is carried out at MHz rates, with all processing done in hardware on high performance electronic assemblies. Processed data including absorbance values covering the whole imaged area is output in real-time to a computer using an industry-standard high-speed serial data link.

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