• Innovative technology for accurate powder and liquid dispensing


Innovative technology for accurate powder and liquid dispensing

Sep 25 2013

Overcome weighing challenges and optimise procedures with METTLER TOLEDO’s fully automated dosing system for solids and liquids. Using current analytical balance technology, these systems enable you to prepare a sample at the desired concentration within two minutes.                                     

With increasing advances in the speed and throughput of analytical methods, sample preparation is a growing bottleneck due to the amount of manual work involved.

Now you can dramatically improve the efficiency of this workflow with the innovative Quantos QB5PL instrument.

The automated dispensing unit enables safe, easy and economical dosing on your balance and allows you to:

  • Reduce exposure to toxic samples
  • Reduce the minimum sample weight by up to 40%
  • Eliminate the need for weighing papers
  • Enable integrated workflow guidance on the colour touchscreen
  • Allows sample and diluent identification using RFID technology

For more information on Quantos dispensing technology visit the website or call 0116 234 5095. Alternatively to book a product demonstration email us.

Recent Whitepaper on Gravimetric Sample Preparation

In line with the recent USP revisions, Quantos weighing technology makes gravimetric sample preparation easy. Download your free copy by visiting the website.

Execute your SOP with One Click

Manage workflow requirements such as advanced weighing, dilutions, different units and custom reports with the Quantos WorkflowBox.

As well as flexibility and total control, it enables SOPs to be executed with One Click. Pre-configured applications run straight from the balance and enable reproducible results.

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