• Clarity - flexibility in connecting instruments from different vendors


Clarity - flexibility in connecting instruments from different vendors

Feb 24 2011

Free demo version at your fingertips

Clarity is more than just usual chromatography software. It enables to control more than 300 different instruments from one environment.
Clarity brings easy operation, unmatched free user’ support including free SW updates, optional extensions (SST, GPC, NGA etc.), competitive pricing and A/Ds with 3 years warranty. The demonstration version of the Clarity Software and the complete list of controlled instruments can be downloaded HERE or from the DataApex website.

Clarity is designed to acquire and evaluate data from up to four chromatographs at a time (multi-detector measurement is supported) and is compatible with any commercially available chromatograph. Clarity™ includes support tools for GLP/ 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

Clarity can be expanded by a wide range of control modules and extensions:
SST Extension (System Suitability Test)
GPC Extension (Gel Permeation Chromatography)
PDA Extension
CE Extension
EA Extension (Elemental analysis)
NGA Extension ( Natural Gas Analysis)
GC Control (Agilent, Dani, Shimadzu…)
AS Control (Agilent, HTA, CTC, Spark Holland…)
LC Control (Agilent, LabAlliance, Knauer, Shimadzu, Merck Hitachi…)

The software is regarded highly for its ease of use, excellent performance, and cost-effectiveness. DataApex provides exceptional free of charge updates and support to all its users. Recent User’s survey confirmed high user’s satisfaction with DataApex services.

Clarity has been developed by DataApex, a company that is solely focused on chromatography software development. DataApex has served the chromatography software market successfully for over 19 years, with its products sold in more than 60 countries worldwide. Eight chromatography instrument manufacturers privately resell labeled versions of DataApex’s software.

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