• Recent advances in chromatography include Protein phosphorylation and non-covalent interactions


Recent advances in chromatography include Protein phosphorylation and non-covalent interactions

Dec 14 2022

Recent advances in the field of chromatography have led to significant breakthroughs in the study of protein phosphorylation and non-covalent interactions. These developments have wide-ranging implications for a variety of fields, including biochemistry, pharmacology, and medical research.

Chromatography is a technique used to separate and analyse complex mixtures of molecules. In recent years, researchers have made significant progress in developing new chromatography methods that are more efficient and precise than ever before. One of the most promising developments has been the use of so-called 'affinity chromatography' techniques, which make use of specific interactions between proteins and other molecules to separate and purify them.

One of the key applications of these techniques is in the study of protein phosphorylation, a process in which a protein's activity is regulated by the addition of a phosphate group. This is a critical process in many biological systems, and the ability to study it in detail has important implications for understanding the mechanisms underlying many diseases.

In addition to their use in studying protein phosphorylation, these advances in chromatography are also enabling researchers to study other types of non-covalent interactions between proteins and other molecules. These interactions, which include hydrogen bonding and van der Waals forces, are crucial for the proper functioning of many biological systems. By improving our ability to study these interactions, researchers are gaining new insights into the mechanisms underlying many biological processes.

Overall, these recent advances in chromatography are providing researchers with powerful new tools for studying the complex interactions between proteins and other molecules. This increased understanding of these processes is helping to advance our knowledge of biological systems and has the potential to lead to important new developments in the fields of biochemistry, pharmacology, and medicine.

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