New Novel Detection Technolgies based on combined NDIR- & NDUV-technology, Multimode Plasma Emission Detector & GC-MS

Date: 15:50:00 - Nov 19 2015
Speakers: Prof Gerhard Wiegleb, Mr Yves Gamache, Frank David
Moderators: Tom Lynch

A novel fast response, low level gas analyzer system for detection of of SO2 and CO2, based on combined NDIR- and NDUV-technology

Fast response gas detection is required for particular applications in the field of elemental analyzer (Sulfur and Carbon). In this application solid samples (e.g. steel, ores, finished metals and other inorganic materials) where typically combust by means of a RF-furnace. During the combustion the gas concentration (SO2 and CO2) is measured in the exhaust with suitable physical gas sensors. We developed a new generation of gas sensors, especially for this application, using a novel IR- and UV-absorption technique. The gas sensor design is based on a photometer principle using multiple channels for SO2/CO2 for ppm-levels and vol.-% levels. The measuring range varies between 2000 ppm and 10 Vol.-%. We accomplished a detection limit of 3.σ = 100ppb for SO2 (UV-Detection) and 3.σ = 500ppb for CO2 (IR-Detection) using a 10 cm gold plated sample cell, with a cell volume of less than 5ccm. For maintenance purpose the sample cell is demountable, so that the cell can be dismantled and cleaned after a contamination with dust and/or condensed water. The response time (t) was optimized by means of electronic filtering algorithm and high power radiation sources. We achieved a response time range between t=100ms and t=800ms at different detection limits. For typical applications the trade-of between response time and detection limit was 600ms. The crosstalk between the different gas channels is negligible. Finally we could demonstrate the successful use in a commercial elemental Analyzer.

Multimode Plasma Emission Detector

Several types of gas detectors for detecting, measuring and/or analyzing constituents of a gas sample are known in the art. For example, in the context of chromatographic systems, it is known to select a detector based on the application at hand, the type of carrier gas and impurities to be detected, the desired information, the required precision of the results, price considerations, etc. Gas detectors suitable for some chromatography applications include Flame Ionization Detectors (FID), Electron Capture Detectors (ECD), Thermal Conductivity Detectors (ECD), Photoionization Detectors (PID) and Mass spectrometers (MS), to name only a few

Recent Developments in GC-MS for Petrochemical Applications

In this presentation, an overview will be given of some recent developments in GC-MS hardware and their application in petrochemical analysis. Special attention will be paid to the use of high resolution accurate mass spectrometers that can be applied for speciation of contaminants in hydrocarbon fractions and for the analysis of petroleum biomarkers.
In addition, an overview will be given of soft ionization techniques that can be applied as alternative to or complementary with electron ionization. This includes chemical ionization, atmospheric pressure chemical ionization (APCI) and supersonic molecular beam cold EI. The potential of these techniques will be illustrated with a number of applications, including the analysis of phthalates, wax fractions and petroleum derivatives.
Finally, also the use of multidimensional techniques, including heart-cutting GC-GC and comprehensive GCxGC in combination with these MS techniques will be discussed.

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Prof Gerhard Wiegleb
Prof Gerhard Wiegleb (Wiegleb University of Applied Sciences Dortmund)

Mr Yves Gamache
Mr Yves Gamache (Analytical Flow Products)

Frank David
Frank David (Research Institute for Chromatography)


Tom Lynch
Tom Lynch (BP)

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