Multidimensional GC approaches for Petrochemical analysis

Date: 10:40:00 - Nov 30 2017
Speakers: Frank David

In this presentation, multidimensional GC configurations will be discussed for different petrochemical analyses. This will include classical heart-cut two-dimensional GC (2D-GC), whereby selected fractions from a high resolution first dimension separation are transferred to a high resolution second dimension separation, as well as comprehensive GC (GCxGC), whereby the entire sample is separated on a high resolution first dimension and a fast (low resolution) second dimension. The complementary nature of both techniques will be highlighted. 

Flexible GC-MS configurations based on capillary flow technology will be presented and their operation will be illustrated with several applications in petrochemical product characterization.

The examples include flow modulated GCxGC for sample imaging, the analysis of traces of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in lubricants using heart-cut 2D-GC-MS/MS, detailed analysis of petrochemical fractions using a selectable 1D/2D configuration, and hyphenation to different sample preparation and spectrometric techniques.

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Frank David
Frank David (RIC)

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