Volume 6 Issue 4


Welcome to the 24th edition of Chromatography Today

This full edition focuses primarily on bioanalytical assays and analysis which is an area that has seen much development and exploitation of the full powers of mass spectrometry detection.

It is fitting that the first article is from a father and son joint authorship.
John Stobaugh who has done much to advance the use of chromatographic techniques in bioanalysis and his son Jordan who is now following in his father foot steps. The article reviews the progress of identification and quantification of naturally occurring exogenous substances in bio fluids and tissues .It looks at recent trends in mass spectrometry, proteomics, the value of UHPLC for separation and of derivatisation for enhanced detection.

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Chromatography Today - June 2020

June 2020

In This Edition Articles Fundamental Aspects - Separation of the 4 Enantiomers of the Fungicide Spiroxamine by LC-MS/MS - Optimising the Chiral Separation of the Pesticide Diniconazole...

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