Volume 5 Issue 2


Welcome to the eighteenth edition of Chromatography Today and the second of the year with publication for the busiest time of the year for Separation Science Meetings and Trade Shows. As such it seems appropriate that the editorial theme is the current ‘hot’ topic in Column technology aimed at improving speed of analysis, resolution and efficiency yet it allows
conventional Instrumentation to be used without the need for Ultra High Pressure systems.

In this issue:

Articles including:
- The Mass Transfer Mechanism of Columns Packed With sub-3μm Shell Particles and its Reproducibility for Low- and High-Molecular Weight Compounds

- An Overview of Core Enhanced Technology for Fast, High Efficiency HPLC

- Reliable Reproducibility and More Selectivity from Superficially Porous Particles

- Maximising Core-Shell Performance on Conventional HPLC Systems

- Reports of the Death of Fully Porous Particles are Greatly Exaggerated

- Advantages and Disadvantages of HILIC; a Brief Overview

- Intelligent use of Relative Response Factors in Gas Chromatography-Flame Ionisation Detection

- Hollow Fibre Flow Field Flow Fractionation (HF5) Increases Sensitivity and Efficiency in the Separation of Proteins and Complex Protein Mixtures

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Chromatography Today - June 2020

June 2020

In This Edition Articles Fundamental Aspects - Separation of the 4 Enantiomers of the Fungicide Spiroxamine by LC-MS/MS - Optimising the Chiral Separation of the Pesticide Diniconazole...

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