Volume 3 Issue 4


Welcome to the twelfth edition of Chromatography Today, with the theme for this edition being electrophoretic separations.
As Dave Perrett comments later in his excellent review article: “electrophoresis remains a very important, if somewhat a neglected, analytical technique” It is often viewed very much as a secondary technique, as most current separation solutions can be addressed by other liquid chromatographic options. We should however not forget the role it plays in DNA sequencing and in providing a much needed alternative when tackling high molecular weight or difficult separations.

In This Issue....

  • 200 years of Electrophoresis
  • Capillary Electrophoresis coupling to Mass Spectrometry (CE-MS), an advanced technique orthogonal toLC-MS for high resolution separation and accurate molecule identification
    3-Dimensional Retention Modelling of Gradient Time, Ternary Solvent-Strength and Temperature of the Reversed-phase Gradient Liquid Chromatography of a Complex Mixture of 22 Basic and Neutral Analytes using DryLab® 2010
  • Are Separation Scientists suited to Metabolomics?
  • Recent Developments in Type C Stationary Phases:
  • Exploiting the Versatility of Silica Hydride Materials Professor Peter J. Schoenmakers: Winner of the 2011 Chromatographic Society Martin Medal
  • Separation, size and charge determination of small molecules using CE in combination with UV area imaging
  • Chromatography Today talks to Kevin Altria (GSK (Harlow) “CE Expert” and 2006 Chromatographic Society Jubilee Medallist
  • Meeting Reports
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