Volume 2 Issue 3


Welcome to Volume 2, Issue 3 of Chromatography Today. This is in fact the seventh issue since we started and also the seventh I have had the pleasure of introducing. It is also the last I will be introducing, having completed my term of office as President of The Chromatographic Society in July this year.When taking up the position of President there were a few key aims and objectives that had to be addressed. Just one of these was to do more on the communications side of our efforts to do everything we can do support the development of separation sciences. However the opportunity to develop an association with Chromatography Today, while not coming completely out of the blue, was a pleasant surprise, evolving as it did from our regular contributions to International Labmate. Chromatography Today has been an important new initiative for the Chromatographic Society over the past two years.

We hope that this will continue for a long time to come.

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Chromatography Today - Buyers' Guide 2022

December 2021

In This Edition Modern & Practocal Applications - Accelerating ADC Development with Mass Spectrometry - Implementing High-Resolution Ion Mobility into Peptide Mapping Workflows Chromatogr...

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