Chromatography Today - September 2018


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- The Past, Present, and Future (?) of Analytical Supercritical Fluid Chromatography - a 2018 Perspective
- Column Technology for Achiral SFC Separations
- Practical Strategies for Successful Scaling from UPC2 to Preparative SFC
- Using Different HPLC Column Chemistries To Maximise Selectivity For Method Development
- Analysis of Residual Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Products in River Waters via UHPLC-MS/MS

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Chromatography Today - Buyers' Guide 2022

December 2021

In This Edition Modern & Practocal Applications - Accelerating ADC Development with Mass Spectrometry - Implementing High-Resolution Ion Mobility into Peptide Mapping Workflows Chromatogr...

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Jul 04 2023 Cardiff, UK

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