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At PerkinElmer we believe in the power of science to transform our world.  We partner with scientists, clinicians, lab technicians, engineers, and food producers globally to empower them with reliable and compelling scientific insights they need to accelerate the development of ground-breaking products, and laboratory solutions that improve the quality of our lives. By drawing on the ingenuity, creativity, and passion of our people, together, we enable our customers to fulfil their mission towards a healthier, safer, and more sustainable world. Science is what unites us. Partnership is what drives us. That’s what we call Science with Purpose.

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Chromatography Today - Buyers' Guide 2022

October 2023

In This Edition Modern & Practical Applications - Accelerating ADC Development with Mass Spectrometry - Implementing High-Resolution Ion Mobility into Peptide Mapping Workflows Chromatogr...

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EuCheMS Chemistry Congress

Jul 07 2024 Dublin, Ireland

HPLC 2024

Jul 20 2024 Denver, CO, USA

ICMGP 2024

Jul 21 2024 Cape Town, South Africa

ACS National Meeting - Fall 2024

Aug 18 2024 Denver, CO, USA

JASIS 2024

Sep 04 2024 Chiba, Tokyo, Japan

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