• Making Good UHPLC Column Connections

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Making Good UHPLC Column Connections

May 31 2012

(avoiding extra column volume and unwanted peak dispersion)

High resolution UHPLC systems are extremely sensitive to the introduction of extra column volume (dead volume), which will adversely affect your chromatography and result in unwanted peak dispersion. Therefore, when installing any UHPLC column, it is vital to ensure that the high pressure inlet tubing is fitted into the column port to the correct depth to avoid the introduction of any extra column volume. The incorrect positioning of the inlet tubing, ferrule and nut can easily result in up to a 23% loss in efficiency and an 11% deterioration in asymmetry for your chromatography.

Advanced Chromatography Technologies Limited have produced a new leaflet on ‘Making Good UHPLC Column Connections’. The flyer explains how to ensure that a good UHPLC column connection is made every time and details the importance of ‘making a fresh connection’ when installing any new UHPLC column. Features and benefits of the new ACE range of reusable UHPLC column connectors are also discussed.

ACE UHPLC reusable column connectors are designed to connect your UHPLC column to your UHPLC system and make other similar connections. They are suitable for use with 1/16" OD tubing and virtually all manufacturers’ UHPLC systems and all brands of UHPLC columns. These compact, one-piece design fittings are simple and easy to use. Installed correctly these fittings are non-permanent swaging, protecting your valuable time and equipment. They are reusable and will provide approximately 10 make and break cycles.

A copy of the ACT ‘Making Good UHPLC Column Connections’ flyer is available from UK distributor Hichrom Limited or your local ACE distributor. Alternatively email info@ace-hplc.com for your free copy.

Further information on ACE Excel UHPLC columns is available from UK distributor Hichrom Limited or your local ACE distributor.

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