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  • ARC Sciences provides an extensive array of chromatography consumables.  

ARC Sciences provides an extensive array of chromatography consumables.  

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Our high quality Cronus Vial and Syringe Filter ranges and Imtakt Ultra High Resolution HPLC columns can be found on our chromatography and sample preparation web pages. The Cronus vial range contains high specification champagne and X-Vials for high precision, low volume sampling, as well as caps and fittings for screw, crimp and snap closure. Champagne Vials are ideal where your sample volume is limited but you do not need to or want to use a low volume insert. There are two types, 12 X 32mm and 15 X 45mm having taper volumes of 15 and 20µl respectively.

X-vials have been developed to offer the lowest excess volume requirement and are ideal for severely limited sample volumes. With X-vial precision you can inject small volumes from as little as 5µl. They contain inserts that are fused from the same piece of glass as the vial and have high precision depth settings.

Also in the range is a wide selection of vials for GC Headspace Analysis.

The Cronus brand also includes a wide assortment of Syringe Filters in many different materials. It is important when selecting a filter that the correct material is chosen for the sample. For example Nylon, PTFE and PVDF are all hydrophilic. Cronus nylon filters have a very low level of extractables, PTFE has high chemical resistance and PVDF can be used in diverse of applications. However, none are very suitable for filtering aqueous solutions, where something like regenerated cellulose or glass microfibre may be more appropriate. We provide all filter types in 4, 13 and 25mm diameter sizes. The different types are colour coded for easy identification. You can download the informative Cronus syringe filter brochure on our Cronus Syringe Filter webpage.

Our Imtakt HPLC phases redefine the performance of 3µm particle packings as well as containing some unique chemistries for enhanced selectivity. With 3µm particle packed at 200,000N/m, the Unison and Cadenza phases provide efficiencies as good or better than fused core or UHPLC packings, without the back pressure issues. You can find out more about Imtakt Ultra High Resolution packings, including the new Scherzo Mixed Mode and Presto 2µm non porous materials by clicking this link.

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